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Platex / Sep 30, 2016


Cringe Fuhrer Azax has been offered a fantastic opportunity to raid with his native family, and is thus leaving us to join <Norfolk Farmboys>. We wish him the best of luck with his future exploits in un-adulterated 360 cringe.

In his stead, Mardz will be promoted to the position of GM, having attained 51% of the popular vote on a campaign platform of making the guild tabard great again.

Finally, Exelio's doctor has confirmed that he does not have Aspergus Syndrome. We hope this will put an end to the rumours.
Sowilo / Jun 14, 2016

The Inner Circle ruled the 10 man scene on the maelstrom during mists of Pandaria, taking Realm 1 of the final boss of an expansion was a high like no other. It was with the announcement of 20 man that the cracks began to show, this coupled with the quality of WoD and the huge sub loss it seemed time to move on.

I would also like to thank all those who stuck around for The Inner Circus Tribute guild, formed in the dying star of original TIC they went on to make some good progress in warlords.

feel free to give me a shout in game or on skype (azax#2247 Skype: azaxuk)

See you in Legion

Sowilo / Azax – Guild master of The Inner Circle